Old Bay Crab Guacamole

Old Bay Crab Guacamole

These ingredients just scream “it’s the weekend” to me! ✨ Lump crabmeat, jalapeños, avocado 😍 red onion and lime! Whew, when you add Old Bay seasoning, the possibilities are endless.

Let’s dig in! ⁣

▪️perfectly ripe avocado ⁣
▪️fresh lump crab meat ⁣
▪️spicy jalapeños ⁣
▪️red onion ⁣
▪️a squeeze or two of lime ⁣
▪️Old Bay seasoning ⁣

What’s not to love here?! This dip is perfect for parties, solo movie nights, date nights. Heck, I’d also enjoy this for breakfast.

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